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Welcome to Image Evolutions--Wellness & Beauty

Welcome to Image Evolutions-- Wellness & Beauty!!  
Dr. Rhonda Simons wants you to be able to feel young on the inside AND outside!  Let me help you meet your health, wellness, and aesthetics goals!

    Dr. Rhonda Simons offers a variety of services including concierge medical services.  This means that I do not bill ANY medical insurance companies.  It is okay to already have insurance if you do!  The labs that I send out to accept all commercial insurances and NEVER patient bill--meaning that no matter how LITTLE your insurance company pays the lab, they will never bill YOU for the remainder.  
     I do advanced cardiac and coagulation genetics, and specialize in treating (and explaining) all the problems that go along with the MTHFR genotypes.
     I also treat diabetes, chronic pain, and psych issues so that you don't have to see multiple specialists (and pay multiple specialist copays) to receive excellent advanced care in these areas.

     At this time, I am accepting new medical patients until I reach 150 TOTAL patients.  Yes, 150, not 6,000-8,000 like the "average" family medicine physician.  I like personalized care.  That takes TIME.  I only will see one scheduled medical patient per day.  The whole morning, or the whole afternoon.  That allows plenty of time to go over labs, all present, past, and possible FUTURE medical conditions--and make a plan that best suits your PERSONALIZED needs.  Are you used to seeing your doctor for less than 5 minutes?  Not any more.  Get used to an average of 2-3 HOURS.  My concierge service extends to UNLIMITED texting 24/7, so that my patients can have their medical questions or concerns dealt with directly with ME in a timely manner.  This exceptional service costs less than a Starbuck's small coffee just on work days during the month.  Be one of my special 150!  Text me now!

   I'm not putting a limit on my aesthetic patients, so please feel free to text me at 816-585-8580 to set up a free consultation in regards to Dysport and/or Restylane & Perlane, or Skin Ceuticals skin care!

I am expanding aesthetic services as soon as it is financial feasable!  Please let me know what  services you would like me to offer next!

Open Monday through Friday--and occasionally weekends--by appointment only.  Please text my cell phone: 816-585-8580.  As I am all of my own  staff, I make all of my own appointments, and will communicate with you without using any "middleman".  You can also E-mail me directly at:

Office: (816) 313-1711
(Do NOT leave a message on this number)    
Fax: (816) 743-9442

The Blue Ridge Bank & Trust Buliding
4240 Blue Ridge Blvd
Ste 611 B
Kansas City, MO, 64133

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